How to Comment on Your Performance Review

by Grace Ferguson; Updated September 26, 2017
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Your performance review is a formal scheduled meeting between you and your supervisor, in which you both discuss your work performance for the evaluation period. During the performance review, you and your supervisor assess your normal job responsibilities, as well as action plans and/or goals that were implemented during your previous performance review. Depending on your supervisor’s outlook, your performance review can result in a promotion, demotion, pay raise, pay decrease or no change in status or pay. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary steps to comment on your review, if applicable.

Step 1

Review the performance review your supervisor has prepared. If you have objections, do not respond instantly. Take one or two days to think over the situations in question. View them objectively to ensure you are not being overly defensive or hypersensitive to criticism. Then, if you still feel that your supervisor has graded or commented on you incorrectly, write down your comments on a sheet of paper.

Note that most company evaluation forms have a "comments" section for the employee to complete. You can state your main comments on the form and attach additional comments on a separate paper.

Step 2

State precisely the points with which you agree. For example, if you agree with your supervisor’s comments and grade, you can write down your acceptance of them.

Step 3

Document the people who offered you support and encouragement during your evaluation period. If your supervisor has been particularly encouraging in providing you with the training you need to perform your job skillfully, or if other coworkers have attributed to your success, write down their names and the roles they have played in your accomplishments.

Step 4

Try not to make your comments too negative. State your grievances, if necessary. But also aim for a balance of positive and progressive ideas that offer solutions.

Step 5

Know that the supervisor should not deny you the opportunity to attach your comments to the performance review. On, Carter McNamara of Authenticity Consulting notes that if you would like to include your written comments, the supervisor should not prevent you from doing so.


  • If you feel you are being treated unfairly or if you feel your supervisor gave you a bad rating because of personal reasons, do not be afraid to state this in your comments. A performance review is supposed to be about your behaviors, not your personality characteristics. Just be sure to have facts to back up your claim if this is the case.

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