Writing endorsement letters can be a bit of a chore, but when you want to endorse someone for either an award or a job position, it is important to do it correctly, or your efforts may be in vain. That's why it is a good idea to ensure that your professional endorsement includes all the right information to help sell the candidate's qualifications that make him worthy of the award or job and that your letter sounds both articulate and professional.

What to Say in Endorsements

When writing an endorsement letter, start out by saying who you are endorsing followed by for what you are endorsing her. State how long you have known her, in what capacity and anything else relevant about your relationship. Next, give solid reasons for your endorsement, including any concrete statistics or examples of her behavior that would make her worthy of endorsement.

Conclude your letter with a summary of the person's qualifications for the position or award and restate your basic endorsement phrases, such as "makes her an ideal candidate for your financial officer position."

While not required, it can be useful to include information on how to contact you in case someone has any questions or wants to verify information in your statement.

Tips for Endorsement Letters

There is no point in writing an endorsement letter that will not be taken seriously. That is why you should always do what you can to ensure that it sounds as polished as possible, taking into account the following tips:

  • Always write professionally. Do not use emojis, pictures or slang.

  • While examples of the person's successful accomplishments can be useful, do not include recreational stories that are unprofessional, particularly those that involve drinking, drug use, crimes or "jokes" that victimized someone.

  • Stay on topic.

  • Include your workplace and your position in the company.

  • Always be specific about for what you are endorsing the person. There's no such thing as a blanket endorsement letter.

  • Reread your letter out loud before sending to ensure that it sounds articulate and professional.

Sample Endorsement Statement

Dear Mr. Haken,

I would like to endorse Jane Fennel for your Employee of the Year award. Ms. Fennel has been a friend and colleague of mine for the past 10 years in the wax-pouring department of the Crayon Company of America, and throughout that time, I have found that she continually excels at any task assigned to her. She is always willing to take the toughest projects and put in the necessary work to ensure that they are done properly, on time and on budget. In only three months after she joined our department, our team's output went up 10 percent.

Ms. Fennel's ability to succeed with even the most difficult assignment amazes her co-workers, and her sparkling personality ensures that everyone wants to work beside her. She has even helped to solve interpersonal conflicts between her co-workers, making the entire department work together more effectively.

I believe her exceptional abilities and charming personality make her the perfect candidate for your Employee of the Year award. If you have any questions about Ms. Fennel and what makes her uniquely qualified for this honor, please call me at (555) 555-5555, and I will be happy to talk to you anytime.

Thank you for your consideration,
Anna Wong