How to Indicate Enclosures in a Letter

by Beth Rifkin; Updated September 26, 2017
Listing enclosures in a letter projects a professional image.

If you are sending a resume, business letter or some other form of correspondence, you may need to include enclosures. Enclosures are additional documents that you send with your letter. It is a professional courtesy to note on the cover or original letter that the recipient should look for these additional documents in the envelope. Whether you are enclosing just one or several documents, always indicate that the envelope contains enclosures.

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Step 1

Organize your additional documents in a clean, neat manner so that the content of your entire letter gives off the impression of professionalism. Place the additional documents in an order that will make sense to the reader.

Step 2

Skip one full line after your name at the bottom of the letter and type or write the word "Enclosure," for one additional document, or "Enclosures" for two or more documents.

Step 3

Decide whether you would prefer to provide a list that names each document enclosed. Not providing a list of enclosures is satisfactory in most cases. Place a colon after the word "Enclosure" or "Enclosures," if you list the documents.

Step 4

Provide the name of each document, if you decide to list the enclosures. List only one document per line. Start your list two lines after the word "Enclosures," for example, Enclosures:

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