A sales letter is marketing tool that businesses use to promote their products, highlight specials or remind customers about expiration dates on warranties or special services. Sales letters can be highly effective in achieving a company's objective. They are often used along with brochures in direct mail campaigns or on the Internet as one of the introductory pages. There are several types of sales letters that are used in business writing.

Introductory Sales Letter

An introductory sales letter is usually sent to introduce a consumer or business customer to your company and products. In addition to apprising people of your existence, the introductory sales letter explains how readers would benefit from purchasing your products over other brands. Companies sometimes offer a trial period in an introductory sales letter. The introductory sales letter should be limited to one page. It must grab people's attention, build their interest and prompt their desire to visit the store to buy your products.

Product Update Sales Letter

Product update sales letters apprise your old and existing customers of new products or changes to existing ones. Many companies use comparative details to describe the advantages of the new products over older ones. Additionally, a special promotion may be included in the product update sales letter that gives the customer a limited period to purchase newer products at a discount.

Selling Incentive Sales Letter

A selling incentive sales letter promotes existing products among current customers. You will need to build a considerable degree of excitement when writing a selling incentive sales letter, perhaps offering a discount, rebate or contest prize for a limited time.

Thank You Sales Letter

Every so often, it is important to thank your customers for their business. The thank you sales letter should almost always mention how much you value your customers for their patronage. Keep the thank you letter short, and briefly mention that your products are always available when the customer needs them.

Holiday Celebration Sales Letter

The holiday celebration sales letter gives you a chance to offer your product as a potential gift for your customers' family, friends or work associates. A holiday sales letter could begin with, "We'd like to wish you a happy holiday season here at ABC Jewelry. We just received a limited supply of tie clamps and bracelets with diamond studs that make wonderful gifts for that special someone. Visit our store now while the supply lasts."

Invitation Sales Letter

If your company is celebrating an anniversary, write an invitation sales letter to your customers. This letter should be designed to make your customers feel important and as if they are part of your family. Briefly mention your products in the letter, and invite customers to enjoy the celebration. You may want to decorate your business establishment or offer free refreshments for the occasion.

Lost Customer Sales Letter

The lost customer sales letter is designed for customers who have not purchased products or have canceled their service. You should state that you miss these customers and apprise them of any new products or specials.