Whether you have a new construction business or you just want to try and attract new customers to your company, mailing out a promotional letter is a wise sales technique. To appear as trustworthy and professional as possible, your letter should follow proper business letter format and technique. Depending on the recipient (customer, investor or lender) of the letter, you may need to customize each one to make the best impression, although each letter should include an overview of the construction services you offer.

Create a header that includes the name of your construction business, the address, a business phone number and email address. Double space below the header and type the current date.

Double space and type the name of the recipient, his job title (if applicable), his company name and address, all left-justified and single-spaced.

Type a formal salutation, greeting the recipient by name (i.e. "Dear Mrs. Smith"). Even if you are sending multiple copies of the same letter, you will make a much better impression and personal connection by taking the time to address each recipient.

Write a two- to three-sentence introductory paragraph that starts with your most interesting piece of information. For example, if your business is offering a large discount on roofing services, has recently completed a notable construction project for the community, or has recently begun offering a service such as utilities installation that previously was not available, give the recipient this information immediately to grab their attention.

Write the body of the cover letter, going into more detail about your promotion. If the recipient is not familiar with your construction business, provide a one- to two- sentence summary of the services you offer. While you are likely attempting to make some sort of sale with your letter, keep this section of the letter focused on how your company can help the recipient instead.

Write a concluding paragraph that includes a call to action, explaining the next step. For example, if you are holding a sale on remodeling, mention the dates. If you are offering a new service you believe the recipient needs, indicate how you will next be in touch to discuss it. Thank the recipient for his time and end with a formal closing (i.e. "Sincerely"). Type your name and job title double spaced beneath the closing.

Indicate any enclosed brochures or flyers double spaced below your name with the number of enclosed documents in parenthesis. For example: "Enclosures (3)."