Businesses often look for different ways to promote their products or services. To accomplish this, they often turn to sales letters which are mailed to existing and potential clients as a way of promoting a certain aspect of the business. The letter should be attention grabbing and contain easy-to-read information about the business. It may also offer a free product or service.

Be personal. Begin the letter by addressing the potential customer or client by name. This lets the person know that you value them enough to find out their name and use it in the letter.

Grab the reader’s attention by using creative words about a product or service you offer that would solve a problem they may have. Make this letter memorable for the reader by using descriptive language and illustrative graphics.

Use a friendly tone. Keep the letter informal while describing the products or services you offer. If it is a new product or service, explain how the product works and how the reader could benefit from it. Make every sentence clear and informative.

Be brief. The letter should be a maximum of four or five paragraphs long. If it is too long, the reader may lose interest and miss the letter's key details.

Conclude the letter. End the letter by asking the customer to do something specific such as visit your business or call or visit the company’s website. Include your business’s contact information in the last paragraph including the address, phone number, email address and a contact person’s name.

Close the letter by thanking the reader for his interest.