If you are starting or currently own a wholesale company, you may be looking for ways to increase your number of customers and your total sales. Wholesale companies are considered middlemen. They purchase products in bulk from suppliers and sell the goods to retail stores, making a profit on each order. To add new customers to your business, you may decide to write proposal letters to businesses inviting them to purchase your company’s goods.

Make a list of businesses to send the letter to. Create a list of businesses that sell products similar to yours or businesses that could benefit from selling your products.

State the purpose of the letter. Begin the letter by introducing your company and stating the reason for the letter. In this case, tell the reader that you are introducing your wholesale company to him and that the letter is a proposal to offer services to the reader’s company.

Offer details about the company. In this proposal letter, tell the reader what your company sells and highlight details that set your company apart from others.

List the benefits. Describe to the reader the benefits your company offers. Include details regarding credit sales and payment terms, which are things a business looks for when purchasing goods. Describe the type of shipping services your company uses and highlight any positive factors regarding fast shipments or company philosophies that illustrate that your company always tries to keep its customers satisfied.

Offer a follow-up call or price list. In the proposal, tell the reader that you would love to discuss the company’s products and that you will place a follow-up call within several weeks to see if there is anything you can do for the company. Offer to send the reader more information upon request including price lists of particular goods or services.

Close the letter. End the letter by thanking the reader for his time and tell him that you hope to talk to him soon. Sign your name at the bottom.


Use company letterhead for proposals that includes the company’s general information. Be sure to include a phone number at the end of the letter with a direct extension, if applicable.