Fundraising is a challenge for many organizations, but selling discount cards as a fundraiser can be a profitable endeavor for your group. These cards allow those that buy them to receive discounts at select locations, which can make it easier to sell fundraiser cards than other types of fundraising products. Don't be afraid to approach local stores to reach out to more members of the community. This could make a big difference in your sales.

1. Step 1

Contract with a company that offers fundraising cards. These companies offer a variety of discount choices. For example, you can usually find discount cards for pizza or other chain restaurants.

2. Step 2

Sell fundraising discount cards to members of your organization. The people most likely to purchase your fundraiser are probably going to be the people that can benefit the most. Members that buy the discount card can save money with the card, but they will also get the benefits that come from your organization.

3. Step 3

Ask members to sell to friends and family. Give your members access to selling the fundraising cards. They can ask their acquaintances to make a purchase.

4. Step 4

Set up a booth outside of local stores. If you talk with local store managers, you may be able to set up shop outside of a business. You can offer to sell your discount cards to the store's customers. This is a great way to expose your offer to more people.

5. Step 5

Offer the fundraiser card through your website. Some supporters may not be able to meet with you in person, particularly if you are a national organization. Ask your webmaster to create a special page on your website where people can purchase the card.