Calling cards give your customers cheap access to phone calls. They pay a certain amount for the calling card and receive cheap per minute calls. An alternate type of card gives the customer a certain amount of minutes for one all-inclusive cost. It’s often much cheaper than making phone calls from their own home or even using their cell phone. There’s a built-in market in many cities for these cards and it’s easy to make money selling them, as long as you get the cards cheap enough.

Research the market in your city, looking at stores that carry calling cards and the type offered. Grocery stores, hotels, airports, liquor stores, campgrounds and tourist or travel sites often sell calling cards for locals and visitors. The stores either sell domestic cards, for use in the United States, or international calling cards.

Register as a business with your city, county and state or fill out the paperwork for a tax identification number. Most companies offering wholesale calling cards require a business license or tax identification number. This indicates that you’ll pay taxes on all sales you make from your cards.

Find companies offering wholesale prices on calling cards. United World and Afrikacard both offer cheap prices on calling cards, as do other companies. The requirements for purchasing varies, depending on the company, but you may need to make a minimum order. Often, the more you order, the cheaper the price and the more you save.

Market your calling cards to businesses and stores in your area. Visit each store and talk directly with the owner, manager or person in charge of purchasing. Offer the cards for sale for slightly more than you paid, which lets the shop make a profit on each sale too. Keep your prices lower than your competitors.

Sell the cards to individuals, in addition to stores. Unlike the stores, which may buy from a middleman, you buy the cards direct, which lets you offer a lower price. Market the cards for sale online or through your own store.


Make sure you read the rules carefully when buying wholesale calling cards. You may find that the company charges a price based on the minutes of each card, rather than the card itself. This lowers your profit margin.

Don’t purchase domestic calling cards if your city has a large population of foreign speakers. The domestic cards may be worthless, as your customer base is so small.