One of the best ways to make money at a fundraiser is to have raffle prizes and silent auction items. With gasoline prices rising, gas cards can be a great prize or gift. If you need a large amount of gas cards for your fundraiser, the best way to order them is to visit the website you want to order the gas cards from. Choose the dollar amount you want for each card and order in bulk.

Visit the website of the company that you want your gas cards to be from, such as Shell or BP. Select "United States" if asked what country you reside in and then click on "Product and Services" icon. Click on "Gift cards" or "Gas and fuel cards". On the following page, click on either "Click here to purchase your gift card" or click on "Order your card."

Choose between the different dollar amounts and number of cards that are available for purchase. For example, you can purchase a pack of 10 gas cards that are $5 each, or buy one gift card that is $100. Use the drop-down menu to view the packages and cards available for purchase and select the quantity you want and clicking "Add to Cart."

Enter your name, street address, shipping preference and credit card billing information. Look over your order to make sure everything looks correct and then click "Confirm" or "Place Order." Your gas cards should arrive within a matter of days, depending on which speed and method of shipment you chose.


Gas cards can also be purchased from nearly any gas station and at food and department stores and pharmacies.


Check for fees.