There are some business situations where you may need to make a copy of your or another employee's business card. the most common example of this is when you need to reorder business cards and send a copy to your printer via fax or email. You may also wish to make a copy several of your networking contact's business cards in order to create a more efficient system of storing contact information.

Things You Will Need
  • Copy machine

  • Business card

  • Blank sheet(s) of copy paper

Locate the card or cards to be copied. Place a piece of clear tape on the backside of the card and place the card on a blank sheet of copy paper. If you are copying multiple cards, place as many cards on the paper as will reasonably fit.

Lift the cover of the copy machine and place the sheet of paper on the glass with the business cards facing down. Make sure that your sheet of paper is resting in the left, uppermost corner of the copier glass.

Close the copier cover. Check to make sure that your copier is stocked with blank copy paper. Select the number of copies that you wish to make and press the "copy" button. Your business card copy will be produced by the copier and will come to rest in the output tray on your machine.