Prepaid debit cards are a lot like gift cards. They come preloaded (either by you or a customer) and offer the same flexibility and advantages of major debit cards since most come with Visa or MasterCard affiliations. If you need a customized, prepaid debit card for your business, you have several options from which to choose.

Think about what kind of business debit card you need and why. Some prepaid debit cards do not come with international affiliation (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). This could be helpful, though, if you will be using the card strictly for business-to-business expenses. Think about limits on the card as well as any fees associated (annual fees).

Find several companies that offer customization services on prepaid debit cards. Many of the major banks (CitiBank and Bank of America, for example) offer this service. There are also some specialized companies that create these cards just for business customers.

Create a contract with a company for prepaid cards. This way these prepaid debit cards can be ordered en masse and then distributed to clients, customers and colleagues. This serves a dual purpose: first, it rewards your customers and employees; second, it gives your brand deeper penetration and more exposure in the market.

Contact the company with whom you want to do business. Create a contract (if you'll be doing bulk orders) or simply request one card. Next, upload a high-resolution picture or logo (usually a company insignia) to your computer and send this via email to the company.

Submit your order by contacting a representative. He or she will be able to walk you through any areas you missed, and give you a time frame for completing your order.