A good business card is a work of art. It exemplifies the standards a company upholds, while carrying just the right amount of information without appearing cluttered or confusing. When so many workers have multiple email addresses, phone numbers and extensions, it can be difficult to be concise, but it is crucial to include phone extensions on business cards so clients can reach the people they need to speak with.

Include the phone extension immediately after the company phone number, so choose a font and layout that allow the number and extension to fit on one line.

Use the prefix "ext." before the phone extension: 555-555-5555 ext. 55.

Choose "x" as an alternative to "ext.": 555-555-5555 x 55.

Opt to include the phone extension in parentheses instead: 555-555-5555 (ext. 55).

Be slightly more unusual and include the extension without any punctuation at all: 555-555-5555 extension 55.


Ask a company supervisor about their preference. Some companies set very specific styles for employee business cards. Find out if your telephone extension is likely to change soon; for instance, if a company seating plan reorganization is scheduled. You do not want to be stuck with outdated business cards.