Promoting your business is the primary way to attract clients and persuade them to use your products and services. Promotional cards, whether business cards, post cards or small cards created to announce a sale or new product, are an affordable, easy way to reach customers day-to-day or through planned, long-term marketing. Promotion cards must be visually appealing and instantly attract the attention of your potential customer. They should display a clear message about your business and what you do, as well as give customers a way to get in contact with you for more information regarding your products and services. Follow the steps below to design a promotion card for your business today.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Desktop publishing program

  • Sample promotion card designs

  • Printer

  • Paper cutter

  • Card stock

  • Logo

Determine the purpose of your promotion card. You could create one for a product launch, a special pricing offer, a special event or a simple card to promote your business and contact information. If you want to design something small that only contains your business name, contact information, web address, logo and tagline, opt for creating a business card. Business cards are usually 3.5 x 2 inches. If you'd like to create a promotion card that you can mail or display prominently in your office and other offices, create a promotion card 3.5 x 5 inches at minimum or 4 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches, maximum.

Use a desktop publishing program to begin your design. Some popular programs include Microsoft Publisher, Page Plus, Print Artist and PrintMaster. These programs come with pre-loaded templates for coupon, business card and post card size designs. You can easily customize these templates to fit the promotion needs of your business. Don’t complicate your design with heavy graphics and images, unless you’re selling web or graphic design services. Opt for a clean layout that allows you to include your primary message, a blurb of content that includes more detail and contact information in a practical way.

Use an attention grabbing headline at the top of your promotion card that introduces your business, service, sale or product. If you’re designing a business card as a promotion tool, you don’t need to include a headline, but you can include your business's tagline. Include your logo on the top, bottom or middle of your promotion card, but be sure it’s large enough for prospective clients to see and ensure that it’s not in the way of your content. Your promotion card’s color scheme should compliment your logo.

Include your name, contact information and web address on your promotion card. For smaller-sized cards, craft a marketing message that intrigues potential clients to find out more about your business by visiting your website or giving you a call to set up an appointment. The main purpose of your promotion card is to inform, persuade and remind customers that you’re available to assist them or that you have a product that’s ideal for their lifestyle.

Purchase card stock and print your promotion cards.