Effective product communication is a competitive advantage that can help target receptive customers with your marketing messaging. Whether your product is consumable, durable or wearable, a product communication strategy is an integral component of a good marketing plan. The best product communication strategies improve the chance of your message reaching targeted customers and lead to more sales.

Target Audience

Decide your target market for your product communications. Divide customers into segments such as potential customers, new customers, mature customers and star customers. Target each segment with different communication messaging and promotional offers. For new customers, use your communications to ensure they are pleased with their first purchases, and encourage repeat purchases through discount coupons and offers. For your star customers, provide customized product communications based on their buying patterns and consider personal emails or phone calls to ensure their satisfaction.

Effective Communications

Use effective communication that builds buyer readiness. For general communication with a wide audience, include product awareness information, product-specific details and compelling reasons why your products are better than your competitors'. This generalized approach reaches customers at various levels of product awareness. For targeted messaging that reaches existing customers, fill your product communications with product options and buying-decision information. Encourage swift purchase decisions by providing limited-time specials.

Communication Mix

Use multiple methods of communicating with your customers. Use email newsletters, magazine advertisements, postcards, billboards, in-store displays, product packaging, direct-mail letters and any other advertising method that effectively reaches your target audience. Create an information-rich website that offers products specifications, chat-based assistance and customer testimonials. Your goal with your product-communication mix is to use enough communication methods that you will reach each customer in their preferred manner.


Develop your product messaging around a cohesive theme. By using the same messaging, you increase your product branding, reinforce your theme and enhance product awareness. Use a rational theme for value-based products or useful products. Emotion-based themes should be used for self-improvement products and high-priced products. Your product-messaging goal should be to create an emotional response to your product that propels customers to purchase your product.