A multichannel marketing system is an approach to marketing that uses a variety of media to communicate with customers and prospects. You can use media such as websites, printed publications, advertising, email, mobile communications and social networking sites to communicate marketing messages, build customer relationships or sell products and services. The key to successful multichannel marketing is selecting the channels that customers prefer to use and ensuring that your messages are consistent across every channel.

More Channels

Multichannel marketing is becoming more important because your customers are changing the way they acquire and share product information. In traditional marketing, advertisers set the agenda and customers obtained information from one-way media such as advertisements and direct mail. Today, customers research information on websites and take account of the opinions of other customers on product review sites, forums and social networking sites. They also expect companies to provide information that they can access via smartphones or other mobile devices. To be successful, you must have an effective presence in all these channels by adopting a multichannel marketing system.

Customer Preference

Although customers communicate via an increasing number of channels, it is not essential to use every available channel for every marketing campaign. By analyzing the way customers communicate with your company or respond to your marketing messages, you can identify their channel preferences and tailor your communications to individual needs. You can also take the initiative and ask customers how they prefer to receive information from you.


By participating in social networks and encouraging customers to communicate with you through two-way channels, you can use your multichannel marketing system to build relationships with customers and strengthen their loyalty. The information you receive through two-way communication channels also provides you with valuable data on customers’ product needs and preferences. You can use that data to create personalized communications aimed at individual customers, strengthening the relationship even further.


A multichannel marketing system gives you different options for selling products. You may currently sell to customers via a sales team or through a network of retailers or distributors. In a multichannel marketing system, you can offer customers the choice of ordering products via additional channels such as your website or call center. This increases convenience for customers and may also reduce your sales and distribution costs.