Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides business communications avenues crucial to remaining competitive in local and global economies. According to the U.S. Census ICT survey, American businesses spent $296.3 billion on ICT equipment in 2008.


ICT includes e-mail, telecommunications and the Internet, and involves the use of computers, telephones, fax machines and copiers, and a variety of mobile communication devices. The term also refers to electronic documents and other content, as well as video communication, software and external drives.


To compete in the global marketplace, companies use websites to provide ordering information and product lists online, allowing monetary exchange with customers. Websites also allow companies to receive valuable feedback on customer needs and ideas for improvement. Through e-mail, faxes, and telecommunications devices, businesses generate greater accessibility through almost instantaneous communications.


To maximize the benefits of ICT in business communications, businesses should incorporate proper infrastructure and employee training to produce proficient workers capable of monitoring and interpreting feedback and understanding the use of e-commerce and software.