E-business, also known as e-commerce, is the avenue companies use to sell goods and services via the Internet. The past several years have seen an explosion in the world of business technology. Companies implement technology to create a competitive advantage in the business environment.


E-business allows companies to reach more consumers in a much broader economic market. Companies can sell goods and services to national and international markets through the use of a website. Additionally, sales can occur 24/7 since many companies do not shut down their website.


Companies also can use e-business to lower some business costs. Acquiring economic resources for producing goods and services is much easier when using business technology. Owners and managers can purchase the cheapest goods available using e-business websites.


Marketing and advertising is another business function with significant e-business benefits. Companies can send messages or stream content directly to a consumer’s computer or personal computing device. This allows companies to advertise their products in a real-time format.