Definition of E-Business Enterprise

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The Internet revolutionized just about every facet of modern living, from entertainment to communication. Similarly, e-business changed the way companies operate and interact with consumers and clients.


An e-business is a company operating via the Internet. This business can have off-line counterparts, or be a stand-alone enterprise consisting entirely of Internet operations.

Origin of the Term

The term "e-business" was popularized by IBM in 1997 when they launched an advertising campaign based entirely around the concept.



E-businesses can fill a number of roles, from the buying and selling of goods to providing various services. In addition, e-businesses can also provide customer service and support for real-world firms, and collaborate with business partners.



E-commerce is usually considered synonymous with e-business, but more specifically refers to the sale of goods online, whereas e-business is considered an all-inclusive term referring to the business' Internet presence.


Famous E-Businesses

While many companies have an e-business component, some enterprises are well-known for operating almost exclusively on the Internet. Popular examples include eBay, Google and iTunes.



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