Smart companies take advantage of Internet resources to grow their revenue and cut their costs. Businesses can dramatically reduce postage, paper, printer and travel costs by taking advantage of online software and Internet-based automation. Savvy use of online telecom options can help a company reduce its phone line count and nix the fax machine.

Telephone Systems

The traditional business telecom package includes a landline connection and fax service. However, an Internet connection offers businesses cheaper alternatives for telecom needs. Businesses can utilize the less-expensive voice over IP, or VoIP, instead of a traditional landline. According to VirtualPBX, the average cost of a traditional business phone line is $40 to $60 a month, whereas VoIP business lines can be as low as $20 a month. Businesses can usually purchase VoIP through the company that provides their Internet service or they can purchase from a third party. Instead of paying for an additional fax line and fax machine, businesses can send faxes over the Internet using lower-cost online fax services.

A Paperless Office

Instead of maintaining a physical file for every document, you can save money and space by switching to a paperless filing system. Businesses can create and maintain an orderly virtual file system on network drives or a company intranet. Fewer physical files means less purchases for paper, ink, printer maintenance and filing cabinets. In addition to the cost savings, a paperless office makes it easier for offsite employees to access information and decreases the risk of lost or misplaced documents.

Less Snail Mail

Between mail marketing, customer communications and routine bills, postage expenses can add up. Instead of physical mail, make a commitment to keep communication online whenever possible. Customer contact can be performed through email blasts, and most vendors are happy to receive online credit card payments or bank transfers. Signing up for automatic bill payments can be a time saver for accounting staff and minimize the chance of late payments.

Virtual Connections

Unnecessary business can quickly dig into your bottom line. Most business travel means lost productivity and reimbursing employees for mileage, hotel stays and meals. Instead of bolting out the door to meet with clients, take advantage of online meeting software to connect with them from the office. Employees can even take part in online seminars and trainings from the comfort of their own desk.