Applying for a church credit card is not much different than the application procedure for another nonprofit group. Before you begin applying, ensure that you possess the paperwork and items you need. Your first step is to communicate with the bank to whom you make your home or church loan mortgage payment. This lender knows you as a customer and already has a relationship with your church. When you decide on the card that best meets the needs of your house of worship, apply with your bank or other credit card issuer.

Research several credit cards and their issuers. Remember to ask your church loan provider which card companies it would suggest. You also have the choice to browse other lenders and credit unions in your area. Each credit card company usually offers introductory offers, such as 0 percent financing for a certain number of months, to entice customers to apply for a card. Keep your options open and look at all of the cards on the market to make a wise decision.

Visit or call the card companies in which you have an interest. Give these companies any needed data, including the title of your church, Federal Tax Identification Number and the names of church leaders who plan to hold cards. Depending on the lender, other supporting documentation such as the minister's Social Security number might be needed.

Write down the list of church staff who will get credit cards. Decide to issue cards to those leaders in the church who are trustworthy and have good business acumen.


Use the funds wisely. After you go through the application process and receive credit, treat these cards like cash. If you use the card to make unwise purchases without the consent and knowledge of your members, a large scandal could erupt. The items you buy will be used as evidence to portray you as a poor steward of money.