Every business that provides goods and services seeks effective strategies to boost sales. The battery business is no exception. If sales can be ratcheted up for a sustained period, the resulting boost in revenue can lead to the ultimate goal of every business, which is growth. If you own a battery business, there are several techniques you can employ to boost the top line.

Faster Delivery

If your battery business provides delivery services to large accounts such as factories, schools or office complexes, you can boost sales by providing faster delivery times. Fast, efficient delivery increases customer satisfaction. It also means you can invoice your customers sooner, which results in a quicker payment.

Free Services

If your battery business sells primarily automotive and marine batteries, you can boost sales by providing free services to customers. For example, some auto parts dealers offer free battery testing and recharging services. If a customer's battery tests bad, you're in an excellent position to sell her a replacement because she is already at your store. Even if her battery has plenty of life left in it, she likely will remember your service and return to your store when it's time for her to buy a new battery.

Educated Salespersons

Nothing frustrates a customer more than a sales representative who responds to questions by saying, "I don't know". Educate your sales staff on each battery's technical features, voltage output, price, warranty and lifespan. Encourage sales reps to share their knowledge with customers. If a customer is confident in your staff's expertise, he is more likely to recommend your battery business to others. There is nothing more valuable than word-of-mouth advertising.


If your business sells rechargeable batteries, you can boost sales by selling the chargers, too. Customers like the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Advertise on radio or television, in local publications, and on local websites. Establish a website of your own that tells users your business name, address, contact information, hours, products, services and sales promotions. By raising your business' profile, you can increase foot traffic and sales.

Special Discounts

A special discount program can increase traffic and sales. Be sure you plenty of the discounted items in stock, and don't complicate the sales terms with a lot of restrictions. A simple 15 percent off sale on every battery you stock might lure a large number of customers. This can give you a temporary boost in sales volume and also attract plenty of new customers.