The more you make your customers feel comfortable, the greater your chance of repeat business. Along with quality products and services, customers want to feel that they are dealing with credible people. Use a variety of ways to give your customers a high level of comfort in your business' honesty, integrity and quality. Building a solid and loyal customer base can help your business thrive for years to come.

Put a high priority on customer service. Even if you offer the highest quality products, your customers will not feel comfortable if their problems are not being addressed in an appropriate and timely manner. Make it easy for customers to contact you or your support team via the telephone and email. Answer all inquiries and do whatever you can to solve issues promptly.

Listen to your customers. Rather than rushing to close the sale, spend time talking with your customers to get to know them and their needs. Not only will the customer feel cared for, it might even result in a bigger sale for you. For example, a couple might be considering hiring you to paint the first floor of their home. However, while communicating it might come up that they never really liked the color of the paint in the master bedroom, either. Offering them a discount on the extra room can tip the scales in your favor.

Price your items or services at market value and offer a money back guarantee. Exceptional service and products at a fair market price can be a winning formula for small businesses. Going the extra step by offering to refund customers' money if they are not satisfied shows that you stand behind your work. The customer will feel comfortable that his is dealing with a true professional.

Solve the customer’s problem. Focus on the end result rather than the product or service. Rather than putting the attention on the hammer you want to sell a client, focus on the picture he wants to hang up or the treehouse he wants to build.

Offer customer testimonials and case studies to prospective clients to raise their comfort level. Satisfied customers are often the best form of marketing you can have. Post a testimonial page to your website and fill it with quotes and comments from past clients. You might even go a step further and write case studies on past clients to show how you helped them through each step of the process.