Customer service skills in clothing boutiques or stores mainly involve knowing how to read a shopper quickly and accurately. Turning general browsers into true shoppers helps a shop boost profits and build a return customer base. Being available and personable to everyone who walks through the shop's doors, as well as being ready to help the customer find what they need, will help the store's reputation grow in a positive light.

Show the Available Merchandise

Shoppers want to see the options available but often don't trust their own judgment on what is nice or in style. Find items on the rack that are similar to what the shopper is currently wearing in style, price and color. Give the customer several samples to try on. Once a pattern of taste emerges, find a variety of samples in that line of taste. Showing a customer a piece increases the odds that the piece will sell.

Make Suggestions

Gauge your customers' style and taste and make suggestions regarding pieces that will flatter the wearer. Taller, slimmer shoppers will look better in certain pieces than shorter, curvier ones and vice versa. Guide your shoppers to pieces that will make them look better by telling them which pieces are particularly flattering to their body style or coloring or hair style.

Be Honest but Flattering

If a piece is too small or too large, tell the customer this, but do so very gently and tactfully. Mention that it looks too tight or too long in the shoulders, avoiding mentioning the chest or stomach area, as these areas can be sensitive topics for many women. If it's a good color but not a good fit, say that the color is perfect for the shopper, but the cut of the garment doesn't quite work. Always blame the item for it not fitting right, never the customer's body shape. Word your suggestions and responses in a way that does not insult, but also doesn't lie. Be prepared to offer an alternative piece in the same color or style.

Offer to Assist

The moment a customer walks into your shop, offer to assist her. Greet her and say something along the lines of "May I help you find something today? We have 20 percent off all shoes and have several cute styles available..." If you notice a customer looking at a certain piece of merchandise, mention that you have that in other colors, sizes. Mention if it's machine washable, travels well or other various traits of the piece. If the customer seems more reserved, allow them some space, only offering assistance if they ask for it specifically. Some customers like to be guided strongly, others prefer to look for themselves. Tailor your response to the type of shopper they appear to be.