The Parker Pen company was established in 1888 and its pens are sold worldwide. These classic pens are made to last a lifetime--they are durable, fashionable and can be refilled continuously. However, just like any other long-life pen, a Parker pen may need to be repaired at some point.

Find your original Parker pen warranty, which was included with the original packaging. Each Parker pen comes with a two-year international warranty, meaning that even if you received it from someone or bought it in another country within those two years, the warranty will be valid in any country in which Parker pens are sold. If you bought the pen, you may need the original receipt to figure out the exact date of purchase. The warranty covers all defects in the Parker pen during the two-year period. Pens will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost if the defects are in materials or workmanship. Pens will not be replaced or repaired if the defects are due to wear and tear or from failure to maintain them properly.

Extend your warranty for free for another two years online. This extended warranty can be obtained online on the Parker website (see Resources) by filling out a form. A certificate will be sent to your email address, and you can print it out and attach it to the original warranty. Note that date of purchase is required in the form. This service also officially registers your Parker pen.

Check to see if the pen didn't simply run out of ink. You can do this by tapping the pen lightly on a piece of paper and then trying to write, or by rolling it around in your hands to make the ink flow better. If it did run out of ink, you can buy ink refills at many stores selling writing supplies such as Staples, or at a Parker store or the company's website.

Visit the Parker website to find details of the original warranty online in your preferred language and to find the After Sales Service in your country. After you search for the service in your country, you will be provided with a contact number for the service department that serves your country. This service may not necessarily be in the same country as the one you're residing in. In the United States, the company Sanford manufactures and repairs Parker pens, and can be contacted via email, telephone or mail as listed on the Parker website.

Search the Parker website's Shop Locator for boutiques that sell Parker pens in your area if you prefer to deliver your pen to the store for repairs. You will find a selection of Parker shops listed. However this list does not include office supply stores, which sell selected models of Parker pens.

Pack your original warranty, the broken Parker pen, and if applicable, the extended warranty into a protective envelope if sending by mail for repair. Send the package to the address of the Parker service department in your country.

Wait for your repaired or replaced Parker pen to arrive by mail if you sent it to the company. Or if you took it to a shop, you will be able to pick it up once it is repaired or replaced. You will not be charged for the repair if your warranty is valid. Make sure that you keep a copy of any receipt, warranty or other documentation you may receive.


Be careful with unknown online services offering to repair your Parker pen since you may be charged for the service or even scammed.