A sell sheet is a powerful sales aid that you can distribute by hand, mail or email, or give to representatives to present a product. To create a sell sheet, write copy that covers important customer benefits in an easy-to-read format, add product photographs and develop a layout that presents the product on a single or double-sided page.

What Is a Sell Sheet?

Sell sheets are versatile tools that perform a number of roles in sales and marketing campaigns. If you are launching a new product, for example, a sell sheet provides a cost-effective introduction to the product and gives buyers sufficient information to order stock. Companies with direct sales teams can use sell sheets to help representatives make effective, consistent product presentations.

At trade fairs and customer events, sell sheets provide a cost-effective promotional piece to distribute to visitors. You also can email digital copies to customers and prospects as part of a direct marketing campaign, place them on your website product pages as downloads, or send copies in response to inquiries. You'll find it easy to create a sell sheet by using a product information sheet template in Word.

Include Essential Elements

As the name suggests, a sell sheet is designed to sell. It must therefore include all the information a customer or prospect needs to make a decision to buy. It should include:

  • Key product benefits such as "relieves itchiness".
  • Specifications such as weight, size and features.
  • Product photograph.
  • Purchasing information such as a list of retailers or online.
  • Company contact details such as website, address, phone number or info request email address.
  • A call to action that describes the next steps a buyer should take, such as "visit our website today".

Write Persuasive Copy

A sell sheet is a form of sales presentation on paper. It must be easy to read and present information in a persuasive way. Write strong headlines and sub-headings to ensure readers who scan the sheet understand the main points of the sales pitch. Provide product information in short bullet points and use charts or graphs to illustrate important benefits such as performance improvements or potential cost savings. Include brief specifications on the front page, with detailed technical information on a second page if needed.

Show the Product

Product photographs are an essential part of a sell sheet. If necessary, hire a professional photographer to take shots that highlight the most important product features. If a product is available in a range of sizes, colors or models, include shots of the different versions.

Encourage Readers to Take Action

A sell sheet may be the first step in the sales process. It must encourage readers to take the next step by requesting further information or placing an order. Include a contact number and email or website address for inquiries or orders, or provide details of retail outlets where customers can buy the product.

Search the internet for sales sheet examples to get a good idea of how to present and design your own document. You'll find many good ideas along with free templates for use in both Word and Excel.