LifeWay Christian stores are owned by Holman Publishers, an arm of the Southern Baptist Church denomination. The stores are found throughout the United States in highly populated areas. LifeWay carries many inspirational and religious-themed products such as decorations for the home, personal jewelry, artwork and plaques. The stores also sell music, books, Bibles and literature. The company has an informal submission for those companies who desire to have their products carried at Lifeway.

Email and request information concerning submission of new products. You only need a one-sentence email body. Wait for a reply.

Provide an actual product sample to:

ATTN: New Products, MSN 137 LifeWay Christian Stores One LifeWay Plaza Nashville, TN 37234-0137

Send information requested by the company. This will include all contact information for you and your company, distributor information and how much lead time you need to fulfill an order for the chain.

Provide a bar code either in Universal Product Code or International Standard Book Number that complies with the Christian Booksellers Association conventions.

Give information about how many items are packed to a carton, net unit price to LifeWay, and net retail price.

Outline any promotional material or displays you are able to provide.

Certify that any internationally manufactured products abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Wait 10 to 12 weeks to hear back from LifeWay. The company will contact you directly if they are willing to consider carrying your product. If they cannot carry your product, you will receive a letter.


Because LifeWay orders products only through distributors and not individual producers, it is important that you have already contracted with an experienced distributor.