How to Identify a Manufacturer by Bar Code

by Leslie Bloom; Updated February 05, 2018

Every item you purchase contains a manufacturer barcode somewhere on the package. This code, also known as a Universal Product Code (UPC), provides information about both the product and the manufacturer of the product. When the barcode of an item is scanned during check out, the scanner provides the retailer information on the type of item, its current price and if the store needs to restock the item. Each barcode also includes a unique company identification number, called a GS1 Company Prefix, that identifies the item’s manufacturer.

Find the Manufacturer Number on a Barcode

The bottom of a barcode includes a series of numbers. The first six digits are a company’s unique identification number, allowing it to be recognized and used by vendors around the world. The remaining digits specifically identify the product to create a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). This entire number, which can be eight, 12, 13 or 14 digits long, typically identifies a manufacturer.

UPCs are used by manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Manufacturers in Europe and other areas around the world refer to their barcodes as International Article Numbers (EANs). Book manufacturers use the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) barcode format.

Search Manufacturer by Barcode

When an item is scanned at the retailer, or when you use a barcode scanner on your phone, the name of the manufacturer will automatically appear. In the absence of a scanner, you can visit the retailer's website or a large online marketplace like Amazon to find the item and determine its manufacturer.

By visiting the GS1 Company Database, you can verify the manufacturer of a product and look up the company’s information. All you need to do is enter the entire GTIN found on the barcode to learn the manufacturer’s name and address. GS1 is a nonprofit that issues unique identification numbers to companies, so its database is always up to date.

You can also visit the online UPC Database and enter a product’s GTIN. This website provides the name of the manufacturer, the size or weight of the product and the issuing country.

Look Up Batches of Barcodes

If you need to look up a large number of barcodes to identify multiple manufacturers, you can visit the website BarCode Lookup. It takes a list of barcodes, looks them all up and sends you a file with the manufacturer, product description and photos.

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