How to Check a SKU Number

by Kenyonda Bradley ; Updated September 26, 2017

A Stock-keeping Unit (SKU) number is a number code used to identify a product offered at a store or warehouse. The SKU number will be different for each store even if the product is the same. SKU numbers are helpful, as they enable companies to track the product inventory and price. You can check the SKU number to verify that the product is in stock at a specific store or to verify the price of the item.

Step 1

Locate the SKU number on the product that you want to check. The SKU number is usually located on the back or bottom of the product and is underneath the scanner barcode. Additionally, you can find the SKU number on a label, at the bottom of the shelf where the product is housed.

Step 2

Contact the store where the product was purchased from or available at. Ask to speak with a customer service representative.

Step 3

Inform the representative of your intent to check the SKU on a product. Provide the representative with the SKU number when prompted to do so. Wait for the representative to provide you with the information about the product.


  • In addition, you may be able to scan the SKU barcode on a product by utilizing the store's barcode scanning machine. Barcode scanning machines are available for customers to use in many stores, nowadays.


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