Microsoft offers support to certain types of organizations, including nonprofit organizations, in the form of software and product donations. If you have a nonprofit organization that could benefit from Microsoft's support, there is a process you need to follow for applying for donations. Make sure your organization is eligible for support from Microsoft, then submit an application and proposal for the type of donation your organization needs.

Make sure your organization is eligible to receive donations from Microsoft. Your organization must hold charitable status, such as 501(c)(3) status, and must be a not-for-profit organization.

Create your proposal to submit. Your proposal should detail the type of organization you have, the populations you serve and what services you offer. You should explain what type of assistance you want from Microsoft--typically donations of software and products--and how you plan to use the donations. Include as much information as possible about how Microsoft's contribution will help your organization serve your community.

Visit to register your organization, submit your proposal and complete the application. Click on your country on the map.

Click the "Register for Product Donations" button in the top right corner to register your organization and request a donation. Be prepared to enter information that proves your organization has charitable status.