A mini company is a type of business that can be set up by students to facilitate a competition. Many programs use this type of competition to teach valuable business lessons to each of the participants. If you are involved in such a program, you may be looking for some ideas for your mini company. It is generally a good idea to consider several ideas so that you and your business partners can find something that you are passionate about.


A mini company does not have to be based on an elaborate business model. Many of these companies are simply based on a single product that the students can try to market and sell. One idea that some mini companies have used is to sell soap. It is relatively simple to produce soap, and you can make it a number of different shapes and sizes. You can position the product in many different ways as well. If you choose the right way to sell your soap, it could be a big success for your project.


Another mini company idea that could work is selling candy. Many large companies successfully set up an entire business model based around chocolate or some other type of candy. You could try to sell high-end candy such as truffles or focus on something on the low end of the spectrum such as suckers. This could be a profitable company for your area because you can sell your product easily to other students.


Some mini companies also set up a business around selling a single item of clothing. For example, you could create a T-shirt and sell it or sell hats. Regardless of what type of clothing item you sell, you can generally customize it to fit your business. You can create a business logo and have it printed on the clothing item. If you have the proper space for the project, you could even open a clothing store and sell different types of clothes.


Some mini companies set up their business around selling a simple item like a calendar. With items like calendars, you can create them and then have them printed up at a local print shop. This can easily provide you with a physical product that you can sell in large quantities. You can base the theme of the calendar around many different topics, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Your target market will also have a lot to do with which theme you choose.