Bright colors, family activities, games and tasty food provide a built-in customer base for fairs. You can capitalize on this potential to attract new customers by adding your own creative flair to market your products at these fairs. The goal is not necessarily to make a large profit, but rather to connect with potential customers by implementing ideas that attract them to your booth or display.


Offer a contest to customers that stop by your area during the fair. An easy way to accomplish this idea is to have a raffle in which the winner receives a product from your business, such as a free meal from your restaurant, a free haircut from your salon or a free oil change from your automotive business. You can make this concept even more engaging by having a contest that is based around your business. For example, if you sell salsa, you can have a chip-eating contest. If you own a salon, you can have a contest where customers must compete to give the best haircut on mannequins.


Showcase your product while attracting customers by presenting a demonstration to the crowd. For example, if you own an organic food market, offer a cooking demonstration that shows customers how to cook up a couple of recipes with ingredients that they can buy from your store. If you have a tire shop, have a mechanic show customers how to change a tire safely. You can attract even more customers if you display the presentations on large screens that customers can see from across the fair grounds.

Money Machine

People love the excitement of a money machine that blows cash around for them to grab. Cater this idea to market your product by having coupons, free gift certificates and similar items that tie into your business. For example, you can have "buy one, get one free" cards that customers can grab. You can also have a point system so that fair visitors can cash in a certain number of points toward the purchase of an item that your business sells.

Quick Response

Many people love using their cell phones and will take them along to the fair. Use this fact to your advantage by having quick response codes on your fair booth. These codes allow cell phone users to snap a picture with their phones that links them directly to your company's website, a video or other targeted location. This marketing strategy keeps your customers engaged and interacting with your company.

Scavenger Hunt

Having a scavenger hunt that is based on products at the fair can be a fun way to get customers to explore different booths. Create a page that asks customers to find different products or answers to questions based on the products. When the customer comes to your booth, stamp the sheet and give him the answer. This is a great way to cross-market products with other businesses that offer similar services but that are not your direct competition. After the customers finish their sheet, they can enter for a chance to win a prize.

Children's Activities

Fairs are family activities; knowing this, you can appeal to a wide array of customers by first appealing to their children. By offering activities that are tailored to kids, you can attract them to your booth so that you can market to the parents. Have a bouncy house, coloring station, arts and crafts table or an area where kids can write with chalk.

Prize Wheel

After customers hear about your product or get literature about your business, you can give them a free chance to spin a prize wheel. Add free products; discounts; buy one, get one free deals; coupons and other items to the wheel that relate the wheel to your business.