Developing fund-raising ideas for a college nursing program, or a specific class, can benefit students in several ways. Whether you need to raise funds to purchase new equipment or to help lower income students afford materials they will need in class, there are several avenues for raising the necessary funds to help meet your goals.

A Telethon

A telethon can be one of the best ways to raise the needed funds for your college nursing class. Some colleges have a channel on which they provide classes to the public; such a channel would make a good venue to produce your telethon. If your college does not have such a channel then consider a public access channel or contact a local network channel and see if they would consider hosting a telethon to benefit the community's college nursing program. Nursing students and instructors could come on and talk about the things needed for the classes, perhaps showing pictures of the equipment the money will buy.

A Raffle

A raffle is another idea that you can pursue to acquire the necessary funds your nursing program or class needs. Develop posters, handouts and fliers that will make the public aware of your upcoming raffle. Make sure that the focus of your ads is on the class nursing equipment the funds will be used for. You can also discuss the pressing need for more trained nurses and the ways that the donation will help solve this problem. Local businesses as well as members of the public may be willing to donate items that can be raffled off. Local businesses have a particular incentive to do this since this helps them by placing their business in the public eye and in a positive light. Most office supply stores have tickets available for purchase in rolls.

A Fair

Holding a fair on the campus of your college can be a terrific way to gain attention and acquire the needed funds for whatever purposes your nursing classes require. A health care fair can be particularly appealing to your college community as well as the larger community. Enlist instructors as well as health care providers to speak at your fair. Provide useful information through pamphlets and similar materials. You may wish to consider having entertainment as a part of your fair's events as well as refreshments and even games for children to enjoy. Perhaps incorporate blood pressure screening and the like, available for a small fee.