An assisted living facility provides a degree of independent living for senior citizens who require help with daily activities. These attractively designed complexes offer living accommodations, dining facilities, exercise programs and other quality-of-life resident services. In this very competitive market, facilities must continually attract residents to recoup the company's investment. As an assisted living administrator or marketing manager, you'll need to execute a creative, coordinated marketing campaign to make your facility the best choice.

Physician Outreach

Provide your assisted living facility information to physicians with senior patients requiring assistance with daily living activities. Take time to meet with each physician's practice manager, as this personal interaction will help present your facility as a viable option. Invite the practice manager on a private facility tour that includes a visit to the model apartment, a dining hall and a residents' activity.

Cultural and Community Events

A vibrant assisted living facility offers an appealing mixture of cultural performances, community events and exercise programs geared to seniors with reduced mobility. A themed event schedule, such as a year of monthly concerts featuring varied music styles, provides continuity and helps generate enthusiasm among residents. Consider a similarly structured culinary tour featuring menus from different cultures, along with dining hall decorations that complement each cuisine. Dance groups that showcase genres such as ballroom, jazz and ballet may also be well received.

Community College Partnerships

Assisted living residents who might enjoy continuing education college courses, but who lack the mobility to attend campus-based classes, may welcome opportunities to soak up some knowledge in familiar surroundings. For example, local community college instructors can easily teach language, art appreciation and genealogy courses in your community room. This “win-win” partnership enables facility residents to enrich their lives, and provides the community college and instructor with additional income. You can also add these desirable educational programs to your marketing tool kit .

Senior Expos

Many senior-focused product and service fairs, or expos, target the growing senior citizen market in the United States. Senior expos can feature adaptive products such as walk-in bathtubs, along with security and emergency alert systems. Your assisted living facility addresses the same safety, security and comfort needs; this makes a senior expo an ideal venue in which to meet potential assisted living clients. Note that younger attendees may be researching care options for parents or other relatives. Make a solid impression by allocating marketing funds for a top-notch display.