Companies that provide end-of-life products and services are challenged because advertising may remind customers of their own mortality. Advertising has to be handled in a sympathetic and gracious manner but still be memorable. Headstones include upright grave markers as well as plaques flush with the ground. Headstones can be metal, stone or faux stone.

Online Presence

Just about any business needs a website, and that includes those in the death care business, such as headstone makers. Even though the customer base for headstones may be older, Pew Research Center says that 86 percent of people age 50 to 64, and 56 percent of those older than 65 use the Internet for product research. Having a website offers the opportunity to display the different styles of headstones through photographs. It's a chance to show potential customers your experience and background crafting headstones.


The average age of church membership varies by denomination but is more than 50 years old in the United States. About 20 percent of the general population attended church services the previous Sunday. An ad in the church bulletins, newsletters and programs lets the congregation know about your headstone business. Sponsorship of church events is another avenue for advertisement. Churches have fundraising socials, golf tournaments and silent auctions, as well. One method of advertising could be to sponsor a hole-in-one contest at the golf tournament.


Flowers for the memorial service, graveside and family members are a tradition for many. Leave a few brochures with florists who have a steady funeral-based business. Another alternative is buying ad space on the florist's website.

Senior Communities

Many adult communities require that one-half of the couple be at least 55 years old to qualify for residency. The communities have clubhouses, classes and special events promoted through a regular newsletter. An ad placed in the newsletter lets residents know about your headstones. Other alternatives to advertising include sponsoring morning doughnuts or a Friday afternoon happy hour at an assisted-living facility. It may seem unrelated to your business, but setting up a series of lectures or demonstrations on healthy living for seniors brings attention to your services.


Publicity could be considered free advertising because you don't pay for the space in the newspaper or magazine. Ideas for press releases include the history of headstones or grave markers, the most elaborate headstones, headstones of famous people, the changes in the inscriptions of headstones through the years and the oldest headstones in your geographic area. Memorial Day and Veterans Day are appropriate holidays for press releases.