Zumba fitness classes come in many forms, targeting everyone from children to seniors. High-energy dancing on the floor, in a gym or in a pool, Zumba has exploded since its founding in 2001 into a respected exercise to meet anyone's fitness goals. As a Zumba provider, the classes you offer will be unique given the personality and style of your instructors. You must decide which type(s) of classes your company will offer and choose advertising venues frequented by potential clientele. Zumba.com suggests you begin advertising at least three weeks before your class starts.


The easiest way to advertise your class is to use the Zumba Fitness LLC website. As a licensed instructor, you will be listed as such. When you are a member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN), your class schedule and location will be listed. Create a website for your Zumba practice that characterizes the feel of your class in its content, colors and fonts. Share pictures of your classes in action with an option to watch a short video for visitors to taste your teaching style. Share a radio player for visitors to listen to a few of the songs from your current class. Prominently list your current class schedule, location and other contact information including links to your social media profiles. Write a blog to share your health and fitness philosophy, Zumba stories and client success stories with a few personal stories sprinkled in. Once your website is complete, share it on all of your physical and online advertisements.

Social Media

Create Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles for your Zumba class to connect with current and potential customers, and influential people and organizations in your town. Use the platforms to briefly share your ideas on Zumba and exercise as well as scheduled classes, events and promotions. Join and do the same on fitness-oriented, community-based websites such as Fitocracy, SparkPeople and others. Engage with complementary organizations that would likely share, like and retweet your posts to their followers. Encourage visits by local bloggers who reach your specific target market so they can write reviews to share on their websites and advertise your program.


Create professional fliers to place on community bulletin boards frequented by your target market. Local libraries, recreation centers, senior centers and schools make great places to post fliers and target specific groups such as families and seniors. Give fliers to current clients to share with their friends, family, co-workers and other networks and provide incentives for referrals. If your class is offered in an establishment owned by someone else, ensure all staff members know about your class for word-of-mouth advertising. Provide the right information to include your class on all of their fitness class advertisements. Be sure any uses of the Zumba trademark meet the standards set by Zumba Fitness LLC. Members of the Zumba Instructor Network have access to Zumba Fitness-provided customizable fliers, posters, punch cards and much more.

Promotional Items

Brand T-shirts, pens, water bottles and other swag for current customers to purchase and advertise your class whenever they use them. Create a catchphrase to motivate your class while doing Zumba. Put this phrase on your promotional items and sell them with infrequent giveaways to loyal clients. Additionally, as a member of the Zumba Instructor Network, you have access to commonly recognized Zumba-branded items you can sell to your clients.

Demo Classes

Provide a sample Zumba class at a community event to advertise your class and its style. Whether it is an annual festival or a parent-teacher association fundraiser, you can offer a sample Zumba session to attendees so community members can have a taste of your class and share their reactions with their friends. As an event participant, all advertising will have your Zumba class listed. Make sure to include instructor and contact information as well.