A gym for women only is a specialty market that requires specific promotional efforts. Use tactics that appeal to women when marketing your fitness facility and to help retain clients. Using technology and more conventional promotional techniques will secure your client base and attract more female clients to your gym.

Hire a Knowledgeable Staff

Make women feel at ease when entering your fitness center by hiring a staff that is qualified to instruct women on the exercises and diet plans that work best for a variety of women's body types and hormone levels. Choose employees of different cultural backgrounds and body types to indicate that all women are welcome in the gym. Be sure your staff is well-educated when it comes to health and fitness and is friendly and attentive to each patron. Title VII regulations specify it's illegal to hire an all-women staff, but some positions in the gym require women to fill them, such as a bathroom or sauna attendant. The law recognizes these jobs have bona fide occupational qualifications because men should not be allowed in these areas of the gym while women are present.

Start a Blog

Start a blog for your ladies-only gym and post informative articles on the blog daily. Women's health issues and physical concerns are different from those of men, and your blog should reflect your understanding of this. Discuss the reasons women gain weight and solutions for shedding unwanted pounds. Focus on diseases and health conditions that are specific to women, and share ways that a regular exercise routine can treat these ailments. Include the links to your social networking pages at the end of each blog entry and format your blog so readers can leave comments. Engage with your readers regularly to showcase your commitment to customer service.

Create a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page for your women-only gym. Decorate the page in colors like blue and purple; according to a study conducted by Joe Hallock, these are two of the top colors to which women are attracted. Include the link to your website, along with high-definition pictures of your facility. Post teasers for your blog on your Facebook page, along with the blog link so followers can easily find more information on your gym. Keep your page updated daily with short fitness tips exclusively for women, such as how to lose weight after having a baby or foods that speed up metabolism during menopause. Open the discussion to followers so they can share practical ways they stay in shape.

Provide Client Incentives

Give loyal and new clients incentives for coming to your gym. For instance, offer a discount on gym membership for the first 10 women to like a new post on your Facebook page. Or offer a free week of membership for the woman who refers the most friends to your gym. You can also offer discounted in-house child care services to clients who have been coming to the gym for more than a month or work with a nearby salon or spa to provide discounts for new members on haircuts or facials.