How to Write Company Description for a Beauty Salon Business Plan

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Write Company Description for a Beauty Salon Business Plan

How to Write Company Description for a Beauty Salon Business Plan. Your dream of owning your own beauty salon comes true when you get all of the details taken care of. However, you must work on your business plan first. The key ingredient in your beauty salon business plan is the company description.

Choose a name and give the location and description of your shop. These must be prominent on the business plan. Decide beforehand if you will buy or rent a business.

Prepare a summary for the beauty salon business. Explain the gist of what you will do on a daily basis. If you have one area of specialization, highlight that fact.

Include a mission statement as part of your company description. Explain the importance of giving the client what they want at a fair price.

Explain your own background in the beauty business as the backbone of the company, so the lenders see that you can make a go of the business.

Detail special services and show what will make customers want to come to your salon before they even think of a competitor. Mention specific beauty product suppliers. Explain the reasons you have chosen to work with them and how their reputations precede them.


  • Keep your facts in the description direct and to the point. Do not allow yourself to write any information that does not pertain to the business plan.

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