When you’re planning on starting a beauty salon business, you’ll need to carefully prepare and write out a business plan. This document outlines your goals for the business and how you plan on achieving those goals. A beauty salon business plan is used to secure loans and other funding to start up your business. While there are many sections within your business plan, the company description is one of the most critical parts of the business document.

Identify Your Audience

Your beauty parlor description needs to establish who your audience is. What kind of demographic will your business cater to? Be sure to specify the age, gender and behavioral characteristics of your audience so that the reader has an understanding of who you'll be targeting.

For example, “Sunny Salon caters to women ages 35 and up. Our audience is affluent and interested in taking care of their looks while they age. They like to ensure their hair and skin is glowing with vitality. Our audience isn't price conscious, but they're short on time. They often have full-time jobs and families, so they're looking for hours during the evenings and weekends.”

Provide some research that shows the demographics of the population located near your salon. If your main audience is women who are 35 and older, you’ll need to show how many women that fit that age range live within traveling distance to your salon.

Outline What Makes Your Beauty Parlor Unique

Your beauty parlor description needs to specify what makes your business unique. Do you cater to an audience no one else does, or do you offer a service that can’t be found anywhere else? Is it your customer service that sets you apart, or is it your years of expertise in the beauty industry? It’s important to establish what your unique value proposition is as this is what will help you market your business successfully.

If your business is the only beauty salon in the area that offers laser hair removal, for example, then your services are what set you apart. If you've worked with leaders in the beauty industry that your audience is aware of, your knowledge and skills are what's unique to your business.

For example, “I've spent five years working with runway hair stylists and make-up artists in Milan, Paris and Prague. This unique experience has given me the knowledge and skills to create high-end runway-ready looks for my clients – something they cannot get anywhere else.”

Provide Your Beauty Salon Services List

In your salon description, briefly cover what services you'll offer. This way, the reader of the business plan will know the breadth of your offerings. Some salons only offer hair services, such as cuts, color and styling, while others also offer skin care treatments, such as facials. Some beauty parlors offer nail care and design, and others offer massages as well.

Outline a broad list of services in your description, which you can then provide more details on in the rest of your business plan. For example, “Hair 4u provides hair cuts, color, styling and weaving for women, men and children.”

Share Your Company Vision and Mission

Discuss your salon’s vision and mission in your beauty parlor description. The vision is the grand goal of your company, while the mission is a more tangible objective in support of your vision. For example, a beauty salon vision can be to “Empower women of color to feel confident about themselves.” A mission in support of that vision may be to “Offer women of color high-end cuts and hair care at an affordable price so they can always look and feel their best.”

Your company’s vision and mission should tie into your overall business goals, so it’s important to ensure they align with the other elements of your business plan.