How to Write a Project Proposal for a Spa Business

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A spa business proposal needs to outline the details for launching a project beneficial to the spa in a professional and successful manner. The proposal is a document that covers all necessities to launch a project, such as timeline, budget and necessary materials. A business spa may be looking to launch a marketing campaign, a new product line or incorporate new treatments to the spa, so the business proposal will outline what is necessary to implement to chosen project in order to executive the project.

Write a basic overview of the project the proposal is focusing on. For example, the spa might be looking to start selling spa products for personal use, may be looking to expand its services and treatments or may be looking to simply launch a marketing campaign to promote the spa business. The overview should outline the project and why the business wants to do it.

Create a schedule that outlines the tasks that needs to be done in order to complete the project and a timeline that suits both the tasks in question and the deadline set by the spa business owner. For example, the spa owner may be willing to give on month to find products that can be sold in the spa for personal use. If you schedule the business owner to try two products per week from two different product lines, the owner would get to try eight different products in that month.

Write a list of the management or key-players that will participate in the project from the spa. Include their qualifications and skills that pertain to the project in question. For example, if the proposal suggests hiring new employees to the spa, the spa manager or nail experts may be able to conduct the employee training, rather than hiring someone from the outside to come in. This will not only save the spa business money but also give the workers the opportunity to train new employees as desired.

Compose a budget for the entire project for start to finish. To continue on the previous example of hiring new employees, the proposal budget should include new salaries for the employees, the amount of additional products like nail polish or skin lotions as more customers will be treated and pampered and uniforms for the new workers, so they can look like professional spa specialists. Some of the new employees may need certifications, so determine whether the business needs to contribute to this practical training. Some businesses will fund the training to ensure the customers get the best treatment possible from top trained professionals.

Write a single page executive summary that highlights all of the important facts mentioned in the proposal. To use the example of hiring new employees, the executive summary will mention that new spa employees need to be hired to suit the demands of customers, that hiring and training will be performed by two spa and nail experts currently working at the spa clinic and that the fees for hiring the new employees will be a specific amount. Present the amount calculated in the previous step as part of the executive summary. Use this summary as an introduction to the proposal.

Create a title page for the spa proposal that has the spa business' name and logo. The title should mention the project in question, such as "Spa Employee Expansion" for example. Include the date the proposal is written and your name as the proposal writer. The index, which is the second page of the proposal, should have a list of headings that highlight the content in the proposal. Examples include "Employee Hiring Plan," "Employee Training" and "Expansion Budget."


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