How to Create a Business Plan for a Training Center

by Tara Duggan; Updated September 26, 2017

A business plan proposes goals and strategies. This 10 to 12-page document typically includes a business description, marketing strategy, staffing strategy, operational guidelines and financial projections. Your business plan provides concise details to potential stakeholders and sponsors. Planning to open a training center typically involves documenting specific information about the type of training center you intend to operate, the environment you plan to establish and the type of students you hope to attract. You can use business plan software to develop your document by answering a series of questions or you can write your plan using word processing software.

Step 1

Describe your training center business. List the types of training you intend to provide and the industries or careers you expect to support. Describe the types of sessions you plan to offer, such as instructor-led classes, seminars or workshops. State what types of unique alternatives you propose to provide, such as self-paced learning and practice laboratories.

Step 2

Define your marketing strategy. Describe how you intend to sell your services to prospective students. Outline your plans for online communications such as websites, email and other social media technology usage. Present options for print media marketing too. Describe any promotional offers you plan to entice potential students and their friends and family.

Step 3

Describe your staffing strategy. List the number of people and roles required to operate your training center. Highlight basic guidelines for interviewing, hiring and managing staff performance related to your training industry. Include salary requirements, special skills required and any licensing or certification requirements that need to be met. Cite any local, state or federal regulations that pertain to your proposed faculty.

Step 4

Define your operational guidelines. Show the company structure and how you intend to organize your management team. Provide a sample curriculum and calendar of proposed courses. Define the technology requirements, insurance coverage and other information specific to your training industry. Describe the facility atmosphere.

Step 5

Outline your financial plans. Project start costs and expenses. Estimate revenue anticipated for the first few months. Appraise the amount of start up capital you require. Base your projections on similar operations in your area. Be realistic.

Step 6

Summarize your ideas. Creating comprehensive business plans that work means you can successfully obtaining the financing to open and operate a profitable training center.


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