Once your program model is complete, you will need to communicate your plan to both internal and external candidates. Whether you are seeking support or simply want to communicate your strategy, here are some components to consider including in your presentation.

Things You Will Need
  • Program plan

  • Pen and paper or word processing program such as Microsoft Word (for taking notes)

  • Presentation software such as Microsoft Power Point

Provide a brief background of the program. Build your audience a road map that outlines why your program is necessary.

Provide the program's objective. How will this program address the aforementioned issue or problem? Discuss any specific program goals.

Discuss staffing needs. Whose participation, and in what capacity, is required to carry out this program?

Provide an overview of the timeline (i.e. if the program must be implemented during a certain time of year, the length of the program, etc.).

Discuss the program plan. What steps or tactics must be implemented to meet the program objectives?

Discuss what resources are needed (i.e. material resources or financial resources).

Present the promotional plan. Describe your strategy for advertising, awareness, marketing, promotions and communications.

Explain your expected results. If you meet your goals, what results will this have on your company or the audience involved in your program?


Involve program stakeholders in the development of the presentation to offer additional perspectives and to formulate the most complete program presentation. Consider including a section for Potential Threats. This shows that you have thought about potential challenges to your program and can help you to better plan for these challenges.


Be detailed but concise. If you only have a certain amount of time to get your presentation done, communicate efficiently to allow time for questions on topics you may not have covered.