How to Own a Rental Hall

by Neal Litherland; Updated September 26, 2017

Rental halls, or banquet halls, are buildings that are designed to be rented out by large groups of people for social functions. Whether it's a retirement party, a wedding reception or some other sort of gathering, rental halls are meant to be used by people. If you want to own a rental hall, and make money lending the space to those who need it, the process of acquiring the hall is actually relatively straightforward.

Step 1

Find rental halls in your area that are for sale. You could check through the local classified section in your newspaper, look on Craig's List for Internet ads, or you could speak to a real estate agent. The last option is likely to yield the best results, since real estate agents have connections and their business depends on them knowing what properties are for sale where.

Step 2

Visit the rental halls that are for sale and review the facilities they have. Things like parking lot size, number of restrooms, general repair, average bills, average business, number as well as size of the rooms and whether or not the facility comes with business necessities like tables and chairs are all important points you should touch on, in addition to the price of the hall.

Step 3

Purchase the rental hall that best fits your needs and budget. Once you've purchased the rental hall you can take over officially, and begin to rent the hall out for events so that you can make a profit with your new property.

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