Ideas for a 24 Hour Daycare

by Lindsay Pietroluongo - Updated September 26, 2017
Run a 24-hour daycare to help out busy parents.

Daycare is a huge help for families where both parents work, or for single mothers who raise their children alone. 24-hour daycares are an incredible solution to the childcare issue, particularly for parents who work non-traditional hours and can’t always pick their child up at 6 p.m., when most daycares close for the evening.


Place your 24-hour daycare in an area where a lot of parents work an off-beat schedule. For example, hospital workers, including doctors and nurses, often have to work night shifts and will need childcare through the night and into the morning. Placing a daycare either near or even in a hospital will be extremely accessible and helpful to parents, and they’ll know that if there’s an emergency with their child, they can quickly run over to the daycare.


Decide if you want to provide transportation as part of your childcare service. Parents may find it helpful to have your daycare pick up or drop off their child at home. Also, you can transport children to and from school, if parents are working when school starts or is let out. If you’re going to have a number of children for extended hours during the day, consider taking them on field trips.

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You’ll have to develop some type of schedule for the children you care for. You’ll need a different schedule for the daytime than for the nighttime. Also, if you’ll be caring for children of different ages, you’ll want to tailor your daily schedules to meet specific needs and levels of learning. Children should have routine, particularly kids who will be sleeping at your daycare center. They should know what to expect on a regular basis.

Time Limits

Decide if you want to offer your 24-hour daycare services seven days a week or just during weekdays. Also, you may want to offer extended-stay, vacation daycare to families. If your daycare is going to be open 24 hours per day, seven days per week, this won’t be an extra commitment from you and your employees. Parents can arrange ahead of time to have you care for their child for a specific time period while they’re away. This is a good idea if the child has been coming to your daycare for a certain amount of time already and is comfortable enough to stay for a few days or a week.

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