To a market a beauty school, a person or group of individuals must engage in activities that will promote sales of products or services. Preparation required for marketing a beauty school includes announcing the beauty school globally, reaching out to local members of the community and participating in community functions, such as hair styling competitions. Marketing a beauty school is the process of letting others know what services you provide and what makes your beauty school better than that of your competitors.

Establish an online presence. To do this, create a website or have a web developer design a website for you. The website should explain your beauty school services. Include many pictures that display different aspects of the beauty school. Display pictures of students in class, as well as pictures of students who demonstrate their skills when providing actual services to people in the community. You can also contact a website optimization provider, which will increase leads for your beauty school.

Obtain a community mailing list and mail postcards to individuals on your mailing list to announce your beauty school. If post cards are beyond your budget, you can make your own fliers, using software such as Microsoft Publisher. Another option is for you to select someone who will design fliers for your beauty school at low cost.

Ask students in the community what services they expect from a beauty school. Apply responses that you receive from prospective students to your beauty school program. For example, if a student desires a course that teaches communication skills, yet you do not have such a course, compare advantages and disadvantages of delivering the course. Since communicating with customers is important, consider adding this type of course if you do not have one. Then, add the improved course in communication skills to your advertisement. Be sure that the community feels involved in your marketing efforts. You will see higher enrollment statistics.

Participate in hair shows or hair competitions. This marketing strategy will enable members in your community to see unique hair designs from your beauty school. Be sure that your models have also received nail care from your school.


Advertise your school in hair design magazines.