Since most professional photographers work as independent contractors, the bidding process becomes vital for securing contracts. Landing a school photography contract requires a specialized bid showcasing your longevity in the photography business, ability to quickly process multiple photo sessions and work well with children and school administrators. Landing a photography contract with a school gives the photographer an open-door opportunity for future school projects such as prom portraits, sports photography and the annual student and staff headshots.

Things You Will Need
  • Photography samples

  • Testimonials sheet

Write about yourself, highlighting your qualifications as a photographer in the first paragraph of the document. Highlight past photography experience working in schools, with youth athletics or other child-centered activities.

Explain the benefits of choosing your services in a short second paragraph. Boast your quick processing times, quality printing services, support of the local economy and compare your rates to competitors.

Reinforce your professional qualifications in the third paragraph. Explain your college-level photography training, seminars attended or photography awards related to schools or children.

Present your bid in the fourth paragraph. Outline the exact services you will provide such as multiple backdrops, a variety of photo packages and an assistant to help school officials prepare the children before the photo shoot.

Include a detailed breakdown of costs including your set-up fee, per-session rate and package prices for the students.

Proofread the photography contract bid. Correct any spelling, grammar or factual errors. Sign the document with a pen. Make a positive first impression by presenting a clean, clear document.

Present the bid as required in the initial call for bids. Mail the document to the school board, present it to the school superintendent or email it to the appropriate school personnel.


Keep the photography bid concise, clear and confined to one typed page. Including the bid as the top document in a colorful marketing package grabs the attention of your potential client. Sample photography products and a sheet of testimonials tucked neatly into a folder behind the bid gives school officials hands-on proof of your abilities.