A professional portfolio is a valuable marketing tool. Once thought to be required only by upper-echelon professionals, many career seekers in today's demanding economy find that having a dynamic portfolio adds to the credibility of the owner. An esthetician's portfolio will give prospective clients a sample of your work and distinguish your skills, education and experience among that of your competitors.

Things You Will Need
  • Portfolio cover

  • Resume

  • References

  • Client photos

  • Other relevant career documents

  • Tabbed dividers


Choose a good cover for your portfolio. Make the best investment you can since this is a tool that can be added to and used throughout your career. Simplicity is best; a good quality cover will give a good first impression.

Gather all relevant career documents. A recent resume, transcripts, references, diplomas, degrees, training certificates and letters of recommendation should all be included in your portfolio.

Collect information for at least three good references. These should be clients that are extremely satisfied with your work. If possible, ask these clients to allow you to take photos of their progress under your services. Include these photos as samples of your work. References from repeat clients will provide a sense of stability and quality that will add to your credentials.

Label a tab for each section. Create sections for education and training, resume, references, samples of work and any other relevant subject matter. Group all related materials together under the relevant tab. Think about adding a services section, which provides a description of all services offered and a list of prices.

Ask a third party to review your completed portfolio. Be careful of typos and how the information is presented. Your portfolio should be neat, clean and well put together. It is a representation of your work.


If you have not begun to gather photos of past clients for your portfolio, begin now using family and friends, since the participants will be anonymous. This is a quick way to gather the photos you need without having to wait for paying clients.

Gather both before and after shots. Going forward, take photos of extraordinary work you have performed and add recent work to your portfolio on a consistent basis.