School board proposals are how school administrators solicit funding for necessary supplies from board officials. This may include textbooks, computers, desks or any other important component of modern classroom learning. A well-constructed proposal can do wonders for bringing the proper attention your school's needs. By following some basic guidelines, your proposal can be made coherent and presentable.

Plan the content of your proposal. Consider your audience and the extent to which they are already aware of your needs. Your goal is to appeal to your school board factually and logically. Be very clear as to why your request is necessary and why it should be approved. Above all, your proposal should be financially feasible.

Plan the appropriate style for your proposal; your proposal should be a formal, typewritten letter. Use language that is easily discernible and get to the point of your request without too much clutter. The purpose of your proposal should be stated at the very beginning of your letter. Keep sentences short and simple.

Write out your proposal according to your plan. Your problem and subsequent request should make up the majority of your proposal's content. Thank the reader at the end of your proposal for their consideration.

Send the proposal to the appropriate officials. Use a cover page to make the proposal more presentable and professional.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Printer


If your first proposal is not successful, don't be afraid to be persistent with multiple future requests.