How to Start a Nanny Placement Agency

Parents can have a difficult time securing a reliable caregiver for their children. Many people would prefer to leave their children in the care of a family member. Unfortunately, this may not be possible. If a day-care center or a babysitter is not a consideration, then a nanny could be the solution to a parent's child-care needs. Starting a nanny placement agency is a business venture that can turn out to be profitable and rewarding.

How to Start a Nanny Placement Agency

Choose a name and a motto for your agency that will attract the interest of potential customers. Try to include words that indicate the nature of your business.

Decide on the structure of your business and register it. These decisions will affect your tax responsibilities. Business structure choices include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or S corporation.

There are online services, such as Legal Zoom, that can easily and quickly help you decide and form the appropriate business structure for your situation.

Choose a location for your business. Since this business can be operated online, it is not necessary to pay rent for office space. Instead, you can operate the business from home and reduce overhead costs.

Contact an attorney to assist you with nanny agency placement contracts. It is important that you give families clear expectations regarding your service. You can also buy ready-made templates online from sites such as Mega Dox to customize to fit your needs.

Create a family application that will allow you to gather information about each family's needs and preferences in a nanny.

Typical things to ask include the type of position the family needs to fill, such as part time, full time or temporary. In addition, you will need to know what hours and days the nanny will be needed, and what the family is willing to offer the nanny in hourly pay or salary.

Create a nanny application in order to help you screen applicants for nanny positions. If you need assistance, use an online service such as where you can find and share professional documents.

Create a list of interview questions to ask potential nannies. For help, visit This site has a wealth of helpful information, including sample interview questions.

Set up a website for your nanny agency. If you don't want to pay a monthly fee for a website, there are plenty of options such as that will allow you to create a basic site for free.

Make sure to include important information on the site for families and nannies. For example, you will want to inform families about your agency's process for locating and screening nanny candidates. You also will want to provide a list of requirements for nannies who are interested in securing a job via your placement agency.

Decide on a budget for marketing and advertising your services, and make arrangements to do so. In order to start building a customer base, you will need to advertise your agency and market what you have to offer.

Consider ordering advertising materials from Vista Print, which is a online business that offers low prices on business cards, brochures, t-shirts, caps, magnetic signs and many other promotional items.

Place ads for nannies and families on free job boards. In some areas, offers free advertising. also offers this free service.


  • Don't be afraid to alter your website or your contract in order to better accommodate your agency's needs.


  • Ensure that you are informed about all of the legal requirements of owning a business. Don't ever hesitate to ask others for advice.



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