How to Start a Nursing Agency (With No Money)

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017

The only difference in starting a Nursing Agency without funds is just that you have to tweak a couple of things.The things that must be tweaked are simply where you do business and how your payroll is done. My mother used to say,"there is more than one way to skin a cat",and basically if you live your life with that motto then you will never be defeated.....not for long.

Set up your office....and since we are doing this on a budget the office will need to be in an area of your home. Use your current telephone line,but you may need to get some additional features for it,like:3 way calling,call waiting,voice mail,etc. The office needs to be in an out of the way place in your home.

Now that your office is in order we need to look at the type of medical entity your agency will service.This is a little different than some agencies because of the lack of funding for payroll.We need to look at facilities that are based locally so that the money source is local.Do your homework,check and see which facilities fall into this category. I will give you a couple of ideas here: Small Local privetly owned Nursing Homes Small Local Hospitals Some Doctors Offices

OK........Find facilities who need the supplemental Staffing you will provide and make sure they will agree to your billing cycle.Every monday I always had my invoices ready and then had them hand delivered to the accounts payable departments of my client facilities.....or had them messengered over as I like to call it.Then Scheduled for the checks to be picked up on early Friday am by my messenger. Then You pay your Nurses on Friday afternoon.

In step 3 we ended with how to do your payroll using the money you earned from the services your company provided.The money left over is your pay......That is if you are just running a small supplemental staffing agency from your home with no in office help.Starting a business like this from scratch is doable...but you have to be willing to start small and do a lot of the work yourself.If you follow this plan then before long you will have a pocket full of money because you will bill 1.5 % above whatever you are paying your Nurses.If a Nures makes 25.00 per hour then you bill the facility $37.50 per hour,that leaves a gross profit of $ 12.50 PER HOUR......Nurses normally work in 12 hour shifts so that gives you a gross profit of $150.00 PER SHIFT,PER NURSE, and that is for each and every Nurse you have out working.


  • I based this article on information from my setting up my own agency and from experience doing set up and developement of other Nursing Agencies......sometimes called Supplemental Staffing Agencies. Another way to wait till you get paid in order to do your own payroll is to take Nurses as business partners and just share the profit.I don't really advise that.I tried it that way and found it did not work for me since I am such a humble creature I was unable to deal with the greed of my partners. To succeed here you will have to be the best and most available and accessable.

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