A nursing consultant offers numerous services in the health field. Some examples include assisting individuals who would like to become a nurse via training, introduction to educators, prep courses and general guidance, evaluating the needs of individuals who seek nursing care and providing legal medical advice in specialized health fields. If you are a nurse or a nurse consultant and are considering opening your own nursing consultant business, recent changes in the health care system coupled with an increase in nursing students may make this the perfect opportunity for you to recognize your dream.

Perfect your communication skills so that you are better able to sell yourself and your services. Work on both your verbal and written communication skills. Consider enrolling at a local community college to take a small business prep course.

Research the nursing market trends and decide what your niche is. Consider what tasks you would like to assist your clients with and scope out the competition in that area.

Develop your pitch to convince your potential clients that you will be providing them with a service that saves them time, money and resources. Consider how you will impress upon your potential clients the benefit of hiring a nursing consultant who can offer more personalized services than larger medical consulting corporations can offer.

Use the Internet to locate potential organizations and associations that may be interested in your level of expertise and what you have to offer, such as teaching hospitals and instructional medical facilities, nonprofit health associations such as The American Cancer Society and medical research associations.

Develop your professional network. Call on personal contacts, friends and colleagues who are employed in hospital settings and inquire about the possibility of filling any vacancies at their hospitals.

Develop your consulting skills by pitching projects at your current place of employment. Demonstrate your expertise in the service area needed. For example, if you specialize in health and nutrition, suggest implementing a program to overhaul the current dietary program in place for seniors if you find it to be lacking.

Obtain professional certificates to land better consulting jobs. Contact national specialty organizations and locate the ones that grant certification. Develop affiliations with organizations in your consulting field.

Develop a professional business plan for your nursing consultant business. Include start-up expenses, projected development time, projected rate of return on your investment, expected profit ratio, overhead expenses and projected growth.

Apply for all necessary documents, including a business license, state license and business insurance.

Seek to hire nursing consultants who have a deep knowledge base and a broad understanding of all nursing concepts. Search for potential employees who are registered nurses with high licensing exam scores combined with some clinical training and experience. To locate potential consultants, spread the word at your current place of business, network among your health community, and post ads on social media health websites and online job boards.

Consider starting your nursing consultant business in a small office in your home to cut down on overhead expenses. Expand to a commercial office as your company grows. Locate a suitable office space that allows you to build your business space around your range of consulting services. Provide large rooms for training classes, small rooms for guidance work and large waiting rooms.